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Kiteival Mauritius 2007 Kiteival Mauritius
Rules & Regulations

As this event is to take place on two separate and different aspects (down winders/races) the following general guideline will apply in order to ensure harmonious and all round safety. All the usual international safety and priority rules will apply - these are:

1) Rider leaving beach has priority over rider coming back in. Accidents are more prone to happen on land than on water.
2) Rider on starboard tack (right hand forward) has priority over rider on port tack (left hand forward). The starboard tack rider does not have to modify his trajectory if faced with an oncoming rider.
3) A faster rider must keep clear of a slower rider.
4) An upwind kiter must keep his kite high of an oncoming downwind rider.
A downwind rider must keep his kite low to allow passage of an upwind rider.
5) A kiter riding/surfing a wave has priority over a kiter jumping the waves or coming in opposite direction
6) A kiter jumping must have a safe buffer zone around him (60Mts radius), especially downwind to avoid any possible collision with other riders.
7) Right of way is not an absolute right and will be of little use if any injury has been incurred.
8) Kite leashes are compulsory. No rider shall participate in any down winders or race unless he is equipped with a kite leash. 
9) Know your limits and do not go beyond these, particularly when other riders are around you.
10) Any rider who willfully directly or indirectly causes an accident will be eliminated from any further participation to this event.
11) Right of way must be given to any other user or watercraft.
12) The use of board leashes is not recommended

NB. A briefing will be held prior to each event to cover the specific aspects and or any difficulties of these events.

General Racing Rules

The exact time of begin of each race will be given at the briefing and/or at least one hour before the start.

A red flag will be hoisted three minutes before each start.
In the case of flying starts all competitors will have to start in the wake behind the race start boat which will carry the green start flag. A green flag will be hoisted together with a loud trumpet sound at begin of race. The red flag will be hoisted together with the green flag if any rider crosses the start line before the start (foul start). This will not cancel the start, but the riders in question will have to re-cross the start line without any further notification. Any obstruction by the faulty starters towards the riders in the race will result in disqualification of the obstructing rider. Red flag alone will be hoisted, and repeated trumpet bursts will be given if race is to be restarted for any reason.

Any protest will have to be given in writing to the Technical Director of the Organizing Committee within 30 minutes after end of race (last rider in). Any decision taken by the judging panel will be final.

The Organizing Committee